Flutter Introduction

There are many frameworks available to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS and both.
To develop android applications, one can use java / kotlin language and for iOS Objective-C / Swift language can be used.
There are also hybrid frameworks available like React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap etc which support both Android and iOS OS.
Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit to build applications for Android, iOS and Web with one programming language and single codebase. During development, Flutter apps run in a VM that offers stateful hot reload of changes without needing a full recompile. For release, Flutter apps are compiled directly to machine code, whether Intel x64 or ARM instructions, or to JavaScript if targeting the web. It is free and open-source. It uses Dart programming language to develop applications.

FlutterReact Native
Programming languageDartJavaScript
Created byGoogleFacebook
First release20182015
Free and open sourceYesYes
Top apps build onGoogle Ads, Groupon, Square, Ebay, Dream 11Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Skype
CommunityRapidly growing community and popularityMature, vast community
UIUI will be displayed identical across platformPlatform specific UI will be displayed.
PerformanceBetter than React Native-

Features of Flutter

  • Open source
  • Cross platform
  • Accessible Native Features and SDKs
  • Hot Reload
  • Minimal code
  • Widgets