Flutter Windows Setup

Step-1: Download installation bundle to get the latest stable release of the Flutter SDK from this url: Windows install

Step-2: Extract the zip file and place the contained flutter in the desired installation location for the Flutter SDK (for example, C:src lutter).

If you don't want to install a fixed version of the installation bundle, you can skip steps 1 and 2. Instead, get the source code from the Flutter repo on GitHub, and change branches or tags as needed.

For example:

C:src>git clone https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git -b stable

Step-3: Update your path

If you wish to run Flutter commands in the regular Windows console, take these steps to add Flutter to the PATH environment variable:
You have to close and reopen any existing console windows for these changes to take effect.

Step-4: Run Flutter Doctor

This command checks your environment and displays a report of the status of your Flutter installation. Check the output carefully for other software you might need to install or further tasks to perform.

Step-5: Install the latest Android SDK, if reported by flutter doctor

Step-6: Install the latest Android Studio, if reported by flutter doctor

Step-7: Start an android emulator or connect an android device to the system

Step-8: Install Flutter and Dart plugin for Android Studio.